SS Pumps

SS Pumps / JET Garden pump is single-stage stainless steel pump; To be portable, low-price, environmental protection, it is well received by the pump users; The pump casing and cover are made of SUS304; Under processing of advanced welding equipment, heat treatment, the stress caused by end-cut plate in tension and press forming is eliminated; The material of ejector is high reinforce engineering plastic that make in high strength, no deformation, long life, safe and reliable usage; Applied mechanical seal type ensure watertight in long-time continuous operation. The material of frame is aluminum; it is under low-noise and less-vibration and durability. Insulation class B, protection IPX55, continuous duty; Single-phase with thermal protector from T1 to ensure safety and convenience.

Impeller structure: close impeller


  1. CCC Safety certificate
  2. CE certificate  EU


  1. Household boosting, garden sprinkler, car washing
  2. Pure water equipment washing
  3. Non-flammable or non-explosive clear water without abrasive or fibre and not aggressive to stainless steel

Operation conditions:

  1. Liquid temperature: +5℃-+60℃
  2. Max environmental temperature: +50℃
  3. Max pressure: 6 bar
  4. Max suction head: 8 m

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